World Slingshot Association (WSA) Work Briefing

At 9:00 on Nov. 16, 2019, the First Congress of World Slingshot Association (WSA) was held in Shanghai, China after more than a year of preparations. Representatives from Italy, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, USA, Brazil and Vietnam attended the Congress.
At the Congress, Vietnam applied to join WSA and became a member thereof.
Participants voted unanimously through Marco Brunetti (Italy) as the legal representative of the World Slingshot Association and the chairman of the first executive committee, and adopted the "World Slingshot Association Charter" (hereinafter referred to as "WSA Charter").
In accordance with the procedures of the WSA Charter, Chairman Marco Brunetti appointed Gao Wei (China) as the first Secretary-General of the World Slingshot Association. The list of Vice-Chairmen of the Executive Committees of the continents as defined by the WSA Charter will be elected by the Czech Congress in 2020.
At the meeting, the WSA's place of registration and headquarters were announced. (The World Slingshot Association is registered in Switzerland and is headquartered in Europe and Asia. Its European headquarters is located in Italy's Federazione Italiana Giochi e Sport Tradizionali (FIGEST), its Asian headquarters is located in the China Slingshot Club Champions League (CSCC).
The conference also announced the list of founding members of the WSA: Italy, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary and the United States. The founding members will be permanent members of the WSA Executive Committee.
The conference announced the official logo, flag and five-year plan of the WSA and established the seven-member WSA Competition Rules Committee: Chairman, Secretary General and five founding members (Czech, UK, Spain, USA and Brazil).
Representatives of the countries gave a warm speech and WSA Secretariat listened to and recorded the recommendations.

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