WSA Slingshot International Invitational Shanghai 2019

On November 17, 2019, the Shanghai International Slingshot Invitational and the CSCC Slingshot Club Championship League 2019 season finals were held in Jiading District, Shanghai, China.
523 athletes from China, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries, as well as 26 provinces (cities), more than 150 regions and 65 CSCC registered associations and clubs participated in the competition. It shows the charm of this competitive sport. A record 1.56 million people watched the game online, the most in slingshot history.
The international slingshot competition held under the support and guidance of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Shanghai Sports Federation has strengthened the interaction and communication between slingshot athletes internationally and provided a broad space for the development of slingshot competition. WSA World Slingshot Association President Marco Brunetti announced at the opening ceremony that the Slingshot World Cup will be held every four years, and the next Slingshot World Cup will be held in China in 2022.
Let us work together, let us be full of expectations, together in the 2022 China Slingshot World Cup!

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